Boss Babes + Wellness


On Saturday we kicked off our first ever women's social club. The event revolved around a focus of plants, connecting like-minded boss babes and wellness.

The social club soon turned into a social circle. As our wellness discussion opened up with Chelsea Scott so did our realizations. We slowly realized, we’re all in this together.

Most of us are under the spell of the modern-day hustle. The laurels of victory are laced with smart phone fixations, hectic work schedules, crammed commutes, to-do lists, emails, insta notifications and instant gratification.

How do we remedy these daily stressors?

Well, that's when the conversation went from interesting to fascinating, relatable and engaging.

One by one, women shared perspectives on how they incorporate wellness into their day to day. Gratitude, time management, digital detox, guided meditation, reading, simply taking time for oneself and the list went on and on.

Notions of wellness were drops in a bucket, collectively we filled the well. 

Being able to share and openly discuss new ideas with a room filled with strong women was pretty damn therapeutic. 

There are so many subtle, simple ways to incorporate this obtainable luxury into our everyday lives.  We we're thrilled to have so many bad ass women share their insights on such an increasingly critical topic.

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Erica KirkwoodComment